Disaster Management Unit

The Disaster Management Unit handles all of our club projects relating to natural disasters; such as flooding. This Unit takes care of all logistics in terms of a disaster-related project.

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Projects: Flood Relief Program  ( June-July ) 2021


District – Kegalle

Division – Mawanella

Places – Alpitiya and Devanagala 


We are planning to help 10 families in Kegalle District who are affected by the floods and the landslides which are currently taking place. We are expecting to donate a simple pack that contains essential items to the people. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown period and restrictions imposed by the government the Youth Force Team is unable to visit Alpitiya and Devanagala. Therefore, will be seeking the help of Sarvodaya Kegalle District Co-ordinator .

Our purpose: 

We intend to minimize the stress of the people who are unable to earn and feed their families during the Covid-19 pandemic and the natural disasters (Floods & Landslides).